Saturday, 13 October 2012

My SS13

1. Phillip Lim, 2. Victoria Beckham, 3. Jason Wu

Hello everyone! Some of you may think I am mad as winter is still approaching and the summer wardrobe has only just been put away, however, today I have spent most of my day thinking about a mood board for SS13, wondering what sorts of trends will be in next year and comparing them to trends we've had this year. So obviously my first look was to look at the high end designers and find the future forecast for SS13.

These are the three of the main outfits I found the most interesting or inspiring for myself and the most likely to be taken to the high street. For example, the first image by designer, Phillip Lim is very similar to what is has been already in the high street stores but, print and words will always be popular in fashion as it puts towards a bold statement. I do like the floral graphics in the writing but obviously, we have seen this before but it will not be going out of fashion I do not believe for a while! The main part of the photo that grasped me was how statement sunglasses will be coming back for Spring/Summer and I am actually glad of this! You always seem them obviously through summer, but, they'll be a lot more creative if they are being taken to the high street from the catwalk. 

The second outfit by Victoria Beckham in her SS13 collection. It's a sport dress as many are meant to be taking to the high street stores next year after the inspiration from the Olympics has flown by. I particularly like her dress over a lot of designers as it is slightly different to a skater dress and is a sports dress. I also love the colour and think the design is definitely sleek with an edge. It's great and I can definitely foresee high street stores like Topshop bringing similar outfits to the Spring collection. 

The third outfit made by Jason Wu has been based upon how much of a statement black and white will be next year, especially in smart/work clothes! Within the last 6 months, more and more peplum tops have been hitting the high street stores and more high end designers have been using them as they create great layers and are very flattering on any body shape. But, even more so using a black and white diverse. This definitely makes me excited on what will be coming up for smarter outfits!

However, these are not the only other outfits I have been looking at, there has been one particular idol who I've been watching and that's Lana Del Rey. Especially with her 10 minute video of Ride was released yesterday. 

I know these are not the best photos to show her fashion, but, if you've seen her music videos before Lana Del Rey's outfits are always so well put together even if they are very casual. For example, recently more and more I have been wearing and buying tops like in the second photo. I LOVE having my shoulder out in a casual setting. I have no idea why, I just think it can make a t-shirt a little bit nicer or romantic. In that video shot, Lana Del Rey wears a white cut t-shirt to her shoulder, daisy dukes and red converse - all obvious contenders for SS13. I am a girl who loves her effortless outfits and I think Lana Del Rey has always hit the nails on the top for make an effortless outfit look amazing! I think more and more people will be wearing off shoulder t-shirts for summer, especially festival season. I also would love to think Converse are going to be the high street love this year as Vans have stolen the scene for quite a long time but, personally, I've always stuck to Converse. The more and more people I keep seeing wearing Converse really puts in my mind they'll be in demand next year so I will definitely be stocking up as I go through to Spring! 

Have you thought of what may be your SS13 love? I cannot wait to start my Mood Board!

Although, from yesterday, here is an outfit that was completely effortless from travelling home for the weekend!

Cardigan - Primark, Checkered Top - Hollister, Jeans, Topshop, Beanie - River Island

Love S x 



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