Friday, 12 October 2012


Crop top - Urban Outfitters  Skater Skirt - Topshop  Tights - Primark  Litas - Ebay!

Phew, hey guys and I'm sure I won't be the only person to say this but, thank god it's Friday! I've had a reasonably busy week but travelling home for the weekend as it's my brothers 7th birthday and to spend time with the family. Here's an outfit above I put together that I would wear on a typical Friday night out whether down to a local or off for a dance. 

I absolutely adore this crop top I bought from Urban Outfitters. It is part of their Recycled clothing range but it's a great top to match with disco pants, skater skirts, anything really! It was one of my most worn tops through summer. As I've said before in a previous post, skater skirts literally go with EVERYTHING. I really do find them flattering and it was a simple part of the outfit and is it a bit flirtatious. My Litas (unfortunately aren't real but will be in two months), are my heavens. They are very comfy and I love how easily matching outfits are with them; they are definitely a must have for a girls wardrobe whether summer or winter. I am saving up for some real ones however as I am not one to usually by ones that are alike. 
But anyway, this is my simple TGIF cry out to the world outfit and I hope you like it!
And below, well, lets say is a little photo of me, tehe.

Love S x

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