Wednesday, 10 October 2012

University Bedroom Tour!

Hey guys! I thought I'd do a university room post as so many people have just moved in for university so I thought this would be a good little insight of my area. I have a reasonably big room for university, especially considering as this is my first year!

This is what you see when you enter my room. I do have a downstairs room but I absolutely love it! It's big and white so, all my furniture match which is a big thing for me as I get really frustrated when things do not match.  

This is my bed (obviously), I have my favourite soft toys for comfort and I am a typical girl so it seemed reasonably. It also includes two cushions; one of which is a Paris pillow and another one from Ikea that has my soft toys on. It's very plain, but I love neutral bed covers, makes everything more relaxing. 

One of my favourite parts of my room is this part. It's a collage of loads of different things I've collected from posters, photos, stickers, records, leaflets, cards etc. I always have a bit of a poster wall in my rooms as it enables me to have a part of me and if you go to university I definitely advise it as it will make more homely. 

You can't really see this area or my wardrobe but this is my shoe box corner that I really need to add more to! It also has a lot my clothes shopping bags. The Ben 10 beach ball is from a beach night at Freshers. I took so many things but it will be useful in summer considering I live next to a beach. 

This is my bedside counter and I have my old laptop that I use for music/films etc as extra memory. I also have all my magazines and stuff I read at night. I have cute magazines and a comic of course, but I love it, it's awesome.

These are my readings at the second. I love Company to pieces as it contains everything I am actually interested in and is a reasonably price! Spiderman is a definitely a great read but I haven't rushed it considering it's quite a detailed issue. 

Now these two photos are sort of my chest of draws and my dressing table. All the above are things I use daily from perfume, books, money boxes, accessories, vitamins etc. I definitely recommend anything you can see on here as they wouldn't be there if they weren't worthwhile, I'll definitely do reviews on little bits including my newest ELF package. 

This is next to my chest of draws and here are all my LUSH and hair products! I use so many different ones or I have used them once and never again! I love them all but I really didn't have enough room on my chest of draws. There are also all my nail polishes too, I really need a case! Can anyone recommend any cheap nail polish cases? 

These are just cute canvases on my window ledge but I usually don't see them as my curtains are usually drawn but they're just cute little objects to warm up the room.

In one corner of my room are all my favourite collection of magazines. These include, Glamour, Vogue, FRONT Magazine & Company. I do have so many more at home but carrying them over on my own would of been to hard from home and heavy so! I will definitely build up a collection living here for a while though!

This is my pride and joy mirror that so many people have used, (especially on nights out). It was from a car boot and it so much better quality of a mirror than some you buy in the stores which in my head is overpriced. Car boots are definitely worth going to or charity shops to get little objects to fill the room. Especially as you will be on a student budget! Do not be scared to go in to these places, it's more than worth it!

So this is basically my room, I need a few things such a desk but I really do love it! There are so many things that are meaningful and remind me of home. There's a lot of space to fill, but I think I did it well!

Have you moved in university or planning on it next year? What are you favourite room items that you couldn't live without? Leave comments below and let me know about this post.

Love S x 



  1. aw your room is lovely and so big!!! i commute to uni so im still at home! :(

  2. Damn your room is huge! I had a teeny room in first year! So lucky :) xx


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