Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas bits and bobs

1. Trim socks, 3 for £8 from Topshop  2. Converse, Amazon   3. Chance Chanel perfume, Boots  

4. Cat Dress, Romwe  5. Lola Marc Jacobs, Boots  6. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Amazon

Hello guys! I've been doing a lot of posts off topic so I decided to do a post about little bits and bobs I am have for, for Christmas.

One of main presents weirdly that I had asked for is definitely trim socks. They're absolutely amazing for a night out to go with a pair of Litas and a cute dress or, even just with a pair of converse and skinny jeans. I just think they add a perfect touch for any outfits in winter or summer and definitely a must have! 

Since I was super young, I have always been such a big Converse lover! I am probably one of the only girls on the planet who do not own any Vans or the equivalent. I love Van's, don't get me wrong, but I will always want Converse more! I've got a few pairs at the second, but, I love the colour and definitely could do with a new pair as I wear them out more on a night out than I do my heals. 

Most people who know me realise I am a big Chanel fan, (after all, I do have it have a tattoo of Chanel). I can't deny that Chanel to me is probably the best perfume out there. I have had a bottle since my 18th bottle and I still have some left. All you need is two sprays and it lasts all day. It's such a good quality perfume I don't think I could ever not have any. 

The black dress that has the face of a cat on is such an adorable design that I couldn't not ask for it for Christmas. It is a black skater dress and from reviews I've read on a few different bloggers it is a great quality dress. You can purchase this from Romwe, (it's worth to take note it is an American site but they do free shipping worldwide at the moment 18/12/12). 

Now of course, this contradicts what I have just said above about Chanel but I only like to use Chanel on nights out or special events etc, so I like to have a day to day perfume. Marc Jacobs, Lola, is a great perfume and smells really fruity but doesn't smell cheap either. I love most of Marc Jacobs collection anyway (especially the bottles, they're adorable). 

I am probably following the trend with wanting "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower", however, I have heard fantastic reviews about this book and I love the plot! I am dedicated to read this book as I think it will be definitely one I love. Especially as I really want to be able to read this before it comes out on DVD!

Anyway, these are a few bits and bobs I will be asking for!
What presents have you been asking for or are you going to wait for the Christmas sales?
Comment and let me know!

Love S, x

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