Monday, 17 December 2012

Goodbye Gossip Girl - XOXO

Hi guys! Today is the day that my beloved TV series of all time is coming to an end and I can imagine most of you all know of it but, if you don't I'll give you some clues.
Firstly, it is based in the one and only New York City.
Secondly, the high end clothing and the elite life.
And thirdly, "you know you love me - XOXO".

Yes, of course, it's Gossip Girl!

Personally, I have watched Gossip Girl since it first aired to our screens in 2007. I remember just running downstairs and flicking for something to watch and I saw Ed Westwick who I adored before Gossip Girl, so I sat and watched, and watched, and I became totally hooked! The characters, the scandals, the clothes and definitely New York just caught my attention. As the seasons progressed I became pretty obsessive over it and would keep up to date with the USA as the UK wasn't reliant and I hate adverts! 

Either way, it has definitely taught me a lot. Not until I watched Gossip Girl did I care or see the interest in fashion. I did not realise how important it is to rule and to be successful. If you are a big Gossip Girl fan you will understand my reference of 'Chair'. The only couple on TV I will ship to high extents! It's a beautiful romance.

Many fans I understand have felt let down by the writers with some of their stories and in some moments I will agree. Although, the last 9 episodes or Season 6 have been a great build up to tonight's 2 hour special episode, the final episode. 
I have my eye on who I think will be Gossip Girl as it is revealed. I also will be streaming it live so I can find out!

These are only some of my most favourite lines in Gossip Girl. I am really upset it's going to end but it's been a great TV series and I am definitely still going to watch it continuously.
If you've never watched Gossip Girl, please go watch it, and watch from the start! You will never get a great feel for the show unless you watch it from start to beginning. 

So, who do you think will be Gossip Girl?
All will be revealed later.

Love S x 

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