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A/W Fall 2013

| 1. Saint Laurent | 2. Temperley | 3. Saint Laurent | 4. Victoria Beckham  

Hello everyone! Firstly, I'd like to apologise for my long absence and lack of posting. I would like to keep up with posting through summer and throughout the year. I have many planned posts and a schedule I am going to try to keep to so hopefully you will enjoy it.

From living in the UK most of my life, I can probably speak for many people when I say, it's hard to buy clothes for the different seasons when our weather changes so often. For example, we've had an amazing few weeks of sun and now it is started to disappear; this got me thinking, what are the autumn/winter fall trends for 2013?

This year has been a great year for fashion trends and for most 90's kids, reliving our childhood styles. We've seen comebacks from jelly shoes, dungarees and crazy amounts of patterns and I've honestly loved every minute of it. So what is the forecast in fashion for the rest of 2013?

From searching through fashion weeks photos and articles, these were the four outfits that stood out to me. The first outfit belongs to luxury fashion house, Yves Saint Laurent. As you can see, it is a tartan, baby-doll dress with amazing detail to the collar and gives a great finish. It is a great piece of clothing that I can DEFINITELY see transferring to our high street. For example, forecasting the rest of 2013 fashion patterns, tartan is going to be highly popular print as it also reflects the 90's trend from throughout 2013. I absolutely love the dress, the detail and the pattern. I think it would be great piece for an Autumn collection as the colours are perfect for the seasons too. I will definitely be looking for similar pieces for autumn.


Outfit 2 is gorgeous, delicate outfit made by Temperley. I feel in love with how this outfit will represent the 'working girl' trend and hopefully means there will be more tailored and delicate pieces to come our way for autumn. From a young age, I used to envy people getting to dress up for work and therefore, have personally always loved the finished, working girl look and how it is presented and the way it can reflect you. I'm really excited to see how high street stores are going to reflect this trend, especially as I personally will be needing more outfits and inspiration for interviews for placements at university. 


Outfit 3 is another piece from Yves Saint Laurent fall collection, with similar detail to the collar as outfit one, and styled as a baby-doll dress with floral print. I chose this outfit as I've already seen many high street and online stores starting to bring in baby-doll/shift styled dresses and they're fabulous. I love how they're an effortless look but are very flattering! For autumn, I can really see myself appreciating these dresses with a pair of tights and Chelsea boots, whilst layering with accessories and Duffle coat. I think a range of these dresses will really compliment any occasion in the fall. 


Outfit 4 is an amazing quality outfit made by Victoria Beckham in her pre-fall collection. Similar to outfit 2, this outfit has reflected the 'working girl' trend. It is the most simple but elegant pieces that I fell in love with it. I am sure throughout the rest of the year, many stores will be making delicate blouses and white shirts as they're a great piece to style with patterned skirts or statement accessories. I'm really excited and hopeful for online and high street stores to be taking such elegant and quality outfits to high street. 

I really can see each style above in some way or another, transferring itself to our high street stores. The outfits are so delicate and easy to start dressing from summer to autumn. From some stores already starting to bring in some of the trends above, it is definitely worthwhile possibly to start investing in these trends now or your autumn wardrobe; I know I will be!

Have you started thinking about your autumn wardrobe? What trends are you looking forward to?

Love S x

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