Thursday, 20 February 2014

| A day in the life |

Sorry for a delay in posting, life has been hectic since back at university! I thought I would do a simple post of what I get up to in the average day!

As I can imagine most of you do, I wake up and go straight for my phone and check all social media sites, (especially instagram and bloglovin'). It's been a routine I've been in for years but even more so with an iPhone. After I've checked up on the world whilst I've been asleep, I will go on to shower! Herbal Essences has been my favourite high street hair products for as long as I can remember and probably the only brand that works on my hair unless I want to spend high amounts. I also love Prince Charming from Lush's Valentines special edition set!

I would also head to the gym on an average morning if I have the time, and apparently this day I did and I also received some new PJ's from Forever 21. They really reminded me of Wildfox Couture so I couldn't resist for £10, possibly cheaper! I only have university a few times a week so I will usually head off in the afternoon. I honestly still cannot get enough of tartan and probably won't for a long time.

Through the day I managed to pick  up LOVE from university, I thought this cover was amazing and couldn't not purchase it. I will also obviously spend time with Nate, he's so adorable when he's asleep. This day I also had a huge delivery from Ikea as you can see why I have so many boxes!

This is also what I looked like on that particular day! I know this is quite a short post but I have a few lined up in my drafts for the next few days so keep looking!

What do you guys get up to in an average day?
(I'm sure I must do more exciting things haha!)

Let me know in the comments below!

Love S x


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