Wednesday, 5 February 2014

| Valentines Wish List |

There is nothing more that I love about February than the amount of gorgeous red clothing items and cute heart items in the shops. I've put a few items that I've been lusting over and would happily wear on a valentines date with my other half.

1. Topshop - £38  2.New Look - £24.99 3.Forever 21 - £2.40 4.Regal Rose - £24 5.
 The Perfume Shop 6. Topshop - £26  7. Serene Sky Boutique - $8 (£4.91) 

I have been completely lusting over all these items in the last few weeks and I think they're completely perfect for either Valentines day gifts or to wear on a nice evening out. It doesn't even have to apply to valentines day, it's just an added bonus. I always find throughout the year there isn't enough items that are the 'right red' such as the Topshop dress above and at this time of the year there is loads around.

Do you have anything special planned for valentines? Whats your favourite item above?
Let me know!

Love S x

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