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 This has been long over due post on any of my social networking platforms as many people are unaware; I'm actually a Mum and there is a very long story behind this. On the 10th of December 2014, I gave birth to my little bundle of joy, Nathaniel. His name means 'gift of God' which I believe without saying is accurate as he was the biggest surprised of my life so far and here is why:

When I was 16 years old, I decided to go on the contraceptive pill, which did not agree with my body at all. I was a size 6/8 and only in a few months put on for my body a reasonable amount of weight. It really frustrated me and I couldn't understand why. My parents believed it was due to hormonal imbalances due to the pill, so after my doctor laughing at me and changing my pill 4 times, nothing changed. I decided to come off the pill and to lose the weight by going to the gym and naturally eating better and yet no weight would shred. I went to the gym every single day for over a month and not one lb shred.

I decided to go to the doctors again to see if they could give me any guidance why this weight would not shift off me and eventually after seeing three to four doctors, one came began to think I had Poly-cystic Ovaries. This is syndrome means that you do not ovulate regularly at all, you have higher male hormones and can develop cysts in your ovaries. I went for a scan and another blood test but it came back as apparently normal, (this is where it starts to get very interesting).

After a few months I started believe I was normal and not doing enough and according to the doctors it was my fault. I decided to go to the doctors numerous times throughout 2013 until I found one more doctor who went through my previous records and she told me none of my blood results have been normal and neither was my scan. The doctors hadn't analysed my results countless amounts of times. I was then diagnosed with poly-cystic ovaries and prescribed Metformin to balance my insulin levels which in theory would of helped me lose weight at the end of July 2013.

After my prescription ran out, I went to the doctors for another blood test (31st October) to see if it was making a difference and to get another prescription. I had been having a really bloated stomach and started to feel quite uncomfortable and was lead to believe by doctors that it was the medication side effects.  A few days later I had an interesting call from the doctors wanting to discuss my results and I knew this wasn't good news. I have always been the person to chase a doctor not the other way around. I went back to the doctors to hear the news and the doctor told me I had high pregnancy hormones and I could be pregnant.

I was so shocked. I was told many times it was unlikely I'd ever be able to conceive. Why didn't the doctors see this sooner? Why hadn't anyone checked this? I'd been living as a 20 year old student at university, so of course I had been drinking alcohol, I had been on roller coasters at Thorpe Park and on holiday which was in September 2013. I was literally just shocked. As the doctor felt my stomach, she believed I was 3/4 months pregnant and I was booked in for an emergency scan the next day.

That night was extremely stressful on my partner and I as we couldn't tell anyone until we knew exactly what position we were in. As I entered the scan and he came up on the screen, my partner knew I was further gone than 3/4 months. In fact, I was 37 weeks pregnant. 37 weeks. I was so scared, so happy, so anxious and annoyed that no health care professional thought of it. I had no obvious symptoms that I would of noticed, but a doctor should have. Especially water retention from flying, alopecia, and no periods for a length of time which I was told was normal for PCOS. 

So, I was 37 weeks pregnant and half way through my degree, what was I to do? I had doctors and midwife's running around after me. I found out on the 7th of November and Nathaniel's due date was the 24th of November. I wanted to sit there in shock, of which I was for many weeks, but my partner and I had to get start preparing. We've been together almost six years, we could do this. 
After telling our families, it became quite real that we'd have a baby dependant on us for the rest of our lives. I had so many emotions going through me it was crazy.

On the 7th of Decemeber, I was induced as he was two weeks late and gave birth to baby Nate on the 10th of December weighing 7lbs 2. We had no birthing plan or idea what to expect, but if you would like me to do a further post on that I would be more than happy to.

Eight weeks on and we have been blessed with a perfectly healthy baby boy and I have started my second semester at university.

Before I made this blog I had no idea that I would be able to do parenting blog posts or things relevant so this will be a new area of my blog and progress of his life. 

So guys, let's say a big welcome to the world to baby Nate! 


Love S x


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