Sunday, 26 October 2014

Brighton travels

Hi guys,

Recently, I visited Brighton with my partner for our 6 year anniversary! It's a crazy amount of time but it's lovely! We decided to visit Brighton as we are planning on moving there within the next few months and it almost motivated us to even more and reminded us why we wanted to move there in the first place.

I thought I would do a post on what we did and purchased whilst there.

We stayed at a hotel in Regent Square I believe which was a great location, amazing views and close to everything. I was a bit worried as I am used to staying in chain hotels rather than little hotels or guest houses but it was really nice just for one night.

As we arrived at around 4/5 in the afternoon, we couldn't do too much in the day but we did walk around and go to a few shops. In the evening, we went to Brighton Harbour. I adore this place because I can just imagine us walking around there on summer evenings.  We decided to get dinner in which seems to be the equivalent of the Cheese Cake Factory in Big Bang Theory, Frankie and Benny's. I'm not sure why we love it so much, probably half the reason is I have a huge phobia in trying new foods so it's almost a safe place. The dinner took over an hour to get served, but the manager was so lovely about it and gave us 50% off!! It's great seeing managers still treating customers right. We also went to see Maze Runner as we barely get time to go to the cinema and it was amazing. I highly recommend watching or reading the book. I am so excited for the next films and hopeful I shall have read the collection by then.

The next day was filled with shopping in The Lanes, finally seeing Zoella's Beauty range on the shelves, (I wish I filmed my reaction) and going for a walk along the seafront and visiting the pier.

I fell in love with the My Neighbor Totoro book. I have been a huge fan of Studio Ghibli and being able to find this in a book form was amazing. I really want to have as many of these sort of books for Nate. The little toy police car was just too cute too for £1!

It was a much needed getaway as juggling a relationship and parenting together can be sometimes hard, and a little break is more than healthy for any parent or relationship. I am so excited about the upcoming months and moving to Brighton. I remember when we first visited and it just felt like home and somewhere I would love to have a family. It just so happens that the time is now.

Have you ever been to Brighton?
What was your favourite purchase?
Let me know in the comments below.

Love S x



  1. Loved this post! I love Brighton so much, so jealous you're moving there! I'm going in January for my birthday, so excited :) xx


    1. Thank you lovely! It has to be one of my favourite little places in the world! Hope you have a great time for your birthday! (Especially January sales ^__^) xxx

  2. I just went to Brighton with my boyfriend for the first time in september, it was lovely. Those earrings are so cute.


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