Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Mid-week slump purchases.

 I have a few small items that I've picked up recently for the season. It seems as if whenever we get through about half way through the week, I always feel a little mid-week splurge is a good idea, I'm not the only one right?  But honestly, I couldn't resist!

Firstly, this beautiful shirt from Zara! I just love a check shirt every single day of the year. They're just so easy to throw on anything and you can a variety of different outfits with them. It's definitely more an over sized look rather than fitted. This shirt was £29.99 which I think is reasonable from Zara which you can buy here.

Secondly is Looking For Alaska by John Green. Now, I actually already have this and have read it but I really wanted this cover of the book. I know it sounds strange, but I have such a thing about covers. I much prefer this style. For the price, I think it's amazing! This offer is in Tesco at the moment and they have majority of John Green books so definitely worth checking out!

As I was in Tesco, I also picked up this Treacle Moon, Warm Cinnamon Nights bath and shower gel. I adore Treacle Moon as majority of their products smell amazing and they're such a good price. I use them as my dupe for Lush as I don't have one near to where I live. It's a really nice scent and not too overpowering for autumn/winter. I believe it's also limited edition so if you're near a Tesco, give it a smell! Most of their products range between £2-3. 

Lastly, is this beautiful tartan blanket wrap cape from New Look. I have seen a few people with this and I just thought it was beautiful. I love these colour combinations and it really can change a whole look of an outfit. It was £19.99 but cheaper if you have student discount. You can buy it from New Look here

I just can't believe it's nearly the end of October, where has the time gone this year?!

What's your favourite item?
Any autumn/winter favourites?
Let me know in the comments below.

Love S x

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