Saturday, 25 October 2014

That 20's rut.

Hi guys,

Firstly, a huge sorry for lack of consistency. Life has contentiously being a handful to say the least, with little Nate changing LOTS, still finding a place to settle as a family, university and whilst I've wanted to blog and have been thinking of new ideas etc, I just felt like I was pushing myself to do it rather than wanting to. I do not think any blogger will recommend blogging when you really aren't sure how or what to say as the content will feel very forced.

Whilst writing this, I am laid down watching Gossip Girl to help inspire me with some new ideas as lets face it, Blair Waldorf is definitely Queen B.

I am going through this awkward 20's rut that I'm sure many of you will understand or come to understand when going in to your 20's. I really want to snap out of this rut and make small changes to my life to help and to become more productive with my time. I feel when you're in your teenage years there is pressure coming at your left, right and center to decide on career paths and honestly, I'm 21 with no idea what I want to do and it's just not that simple to choose a career.

But, I know what I enjoy.

I enjoy styling fashion, being creative and making things and the world's small pleasures.
I want to in some way incorporate these things in to making something to support life my family. 

So, if you're going through your late teenage/20's rut, here are some steps I'm using to help:

  1. Set the same time to wake up on 5 days of the week. It will help you have a much better sleep and allows more time in the day to be productive.
  2. Take a step away from social media. This is difficult but very important! Everyone gets tied up in looking down at their phones, I hold my hand up guilty for it too, but you do really miss life in that present moment because someone has uploaded a photo of a cat, do you see what I mean?
  3. Write your ideas down, remember what inspired you once before. It could be as simple as blog post to a nostalgic song. I always think of a crazy amount of ideas whilst being in the shower and I wish I had written half of them down! (Please say I am not the only one who does this?)
  4. Make to-do lists! I had a day in summer I had so many errands and things to do, but once I had written a to-do list I didn't panic and I managed to complete everything.
  5. Do not expect to have figured your life out at 20 because you will waste your 20's. I read this really good quote that I always look back at:

"Nothing will ruin your 20's more than thinking you should have your life together already."

These are just a few tips that I use day to date to try and help me get out of this rut and apology for being so inconsistent. I have got quite a few blog ideas coming up so make sure you follow me in bloglovin' to stay updated!

Have you been through a 20's rut? 
Any tips to change habits? 
Let me know in the comments below!

Love S x 


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