Saturday, 7 March 2015

90's Tag

Inspired by Sophie at BelleChaton , I thought I would do a post today on the 90's! Throughout the last year, I keep seeing so many 90's memories so it should be some fun.

1. Favourite Disney Movie?

It would definitely have to be a tie between Mulan, Tarzan and Toy Story. I watched all of them religiously and made my Mum rent the videos all the time. I think I related to Toy Story as I literally believed my toys would come alive any time I wasn't around. I loved growing up with Toy Story!

2. Favourite Music Artist?

My brother influenced my music a lot so I would probably say in the 90's it was definitely Blink 182. I am likely to be one of the only girls in the 90's who only knows 1 or 2 Spice Girls songs, woops!

3. Favourite Nickelodean Jr Show?

I had to look this up, but I believe it was Rupert the bear. I have a teddy of him still and some videos. I was a bear fanatic apparently in the 90's.

4. Favourite Candy?

Honestly, I wasn't the biggest sweet eater when I was little. I remember loving the 'pick and mix' in corner stores or Woolworths. Especially Lips and Candy necklaces!

5. Favourite Game?

Monopoly and Mouse Trap hands down. We still have the original games at home as my Mum loves to hoard our toys from when we were little. I would still play it now to be honest! I remember spending hours making Mouse Trap and trying to balance the net to fall on the mouse.

6. Favourite McDonalds Toy?

I didn't really ever get a McDonalds or a Happy Meal. I am a fussy eater so it would have been wasted.

7. Favourite Book?

Apart from Harry Potter, the 2 the stand in my mind are the Jacqueline Wilson collection and the Spot books, OH and Where's Wally? If that counts... Jacqueline Wilson;s were definitely probably one of the most popular in our school library and local book shop for girls in the 90's. I loved Vicky Angel. I think that was the book I read after Tracey Beaker and The Dare Game. SUCH MEMORIES.

8. Favourite Clothing Store?

Growing up on the Isle of Wight I don't remember having much choice. I remember shopping in M&S, Next and Tammy. I begged my mum for an Metallic Silver Rain Coat from Next for ages, it was like the best day ever when we bought it. I sort of remember shopping in the younger part of New Look too? 

9. What would you watch when you came home from school?
10. Favourite TV Show?

I would definitely watch Arthur, Tots TV, Rosie and Jim, Tracey Beaker, Lizzie McGuire, Bewitched, The Worst Witch, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Pokemon, Power Rangers, Rugrats, Queens Nose and honestly I could go on and on. 
I still watch Pokemon, Arthur and Lizzie McGuire... So they were probably my favourites. 

(That line has always stuck in my mind.)

11. Favourite Toys?

Does anyone else remember Puppy In My Pocket? I used to ALWAYS play with them. Any Barbie toys I had ended up being used for my animal toys. I also had Polly Pockets, Sylvanian Family, Lego, POGS and Sky Dancers. The list is forever going and growing, even more so as our attic is just a toy chest of 90's toys.

12. Weirdest Fashion Trend?

Ahhh, I have no idea! I bought some gold flares once? That's pretty odd when I look back at it!

13. 'Nsync or Backstreet Boys?

Neither - Blink 182 ;D

14. Favourite collectable?

POKEMON CARDS. Oh my. They swept the 90's away when they came in to town. I still have a folder that I had in order of the cutest to the least cutest. 

15. Favourite Beanie Baby?

I only had one, I can't remember it at all. I just remember swapping my BN Biscuit for it. Such a 90's child.

16. How many Tamagotchis did you go through?

Too many. I used to try take my brothers but he would get annoyed and then I would have school or something and to be honest it was heartbreaking and I used to get quite upset about it!

17. Favourite system and game?

I grew up with the Nintendo 64. Every Christmas I would be rushed downstairs with my brother for new games and we still have our first one now which is in the hands of our younger brother. They were so well made and Mario is such a classic and always will be. I am a Nintendo lover for life! It would have to be a tie between Banjo, Mario, Pokemon Stadium, Diddy Kong Racing and Zelda. There were too many great games to choose one!!!

AH! I loved this tag so much!
It's really nice sometimes to look back on your childhood and the simple things.
I tag anyone from the 90's to do this and reminisce on their childhood.

Do you remember much from the 90's?
Let me know in the comments below.

Love S x 


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