Sunday, 8 March 2015

Beauty tips I wish I had learnt 6 years ago.

There are so many mistakes I made when I was a teenager and playing around with different looks and to be honest, I wish there were more beauty gurus around at the time. I thought I would do a little post on tips I wish I knew then that I know now.

1. Avoid using baby wipes to clean your face! I was such a culprit for this, I mean I still probably do if I am a little drunk but cleanser what you want to be using! You can find really affordable ones on the high street these days. No7 Soft and Soothed has to be one of my favourite alongside Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. They both remove dirt and make-up incredibly well and all very affordable. I also use Pixi Glow Tonic and Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish as a treat at least once a week. It's best to cleanse morning and night to remove all excess dirt from throughout the night and day.

2. Whilst talking about skin care, make sure to remember to always moisturise your neck. I didn't even think about this when I was younger but it's the easiest way to make you stay looking youthful and you will really notice a difference in your skin.  

3. Lovely zoom in of my face there. A hard lesson learnt but I am sure many people will feel the same - don't over pluck your eyebrows. They're so precious! It can completely change and transform when someone has either great or bad eyebrows. Try and make the best out of your natural shape.

4. Vaseline is a miracle product in so many ways! I mainly use it and recommend to beauty tips. First, I occasionally put it lightly on my eyelashes. I've heard from many people it helps your eyelashes grow longer and from when ever I  have used it they always apply Mascara so much easier and a lot better. 
You can also use Vaseline when dying your hair. I learnt the hard way after dying my friends and my hair many times and getting it everywhere, literally, everywhere. Vaseline is an amazing way to stop dying your skin too. All you need to do is put a layer around your face, ears and neck when dying your hair and it should help protect it from excess dye.

5. I am a particular hair addict. Okay, let me explain; I rather have my hair looking okay rather than make-up etc. I've always been interested in hair, cutting and styling other peoples and I have learnt many lessons from it too. For example, I wish I would have told myself not to dye my hair on a whim. I genuinely always regretted it and it's taken me a long time for my natural hair to come back to life. If you have dyed your hair a colour and it's not right, I would recommend using Head & Shoulders Shampoo to help fade the dye. 

I am likely to be a bit late on the Coconut Oil wagon, but it is the best deep conditioner I have ever used. You can buy this in any local super markets or drug stores. All you need to do is put some between your hands and evenly distribute it in your hair. I leave mine on for an hour or so due to usually not having enough time to leave it over night, but I would recommend it over night in a plait. In the morning, wash your hair like any normal hair wash and you will see results pretty damn quickly! My hair has never felt so soft after using this and my hair is frizz central! You don't need to leave it over night, but it does no harm either way. 

6. Of course, the most obvious free advice: Sleep, eat and drink well! I am a drink enthusiast and can be sometimes known as a fish. If I drink less than 2 liters of water I have the worst headaches and it's very rare I don't drink that amount. You will feel so much more refreshed and your skin will feel hydrated. Diet and sleep are really important too, I've learnt that now more than ever.

They are my main beauty tips I wish I heard or listened to 6 years ago!
Have you got any beauty tips you swear by?
Have you had any beauty disasters?
Let me know in the comments below.

Love S x


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