Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Drug Store Haul

"Whoops", I said as I walked out of Boots with a load of new things I didn't intend to buy. I'm sure you must all of had that moment of walking in for one thing and walking out with a huge bag. I tell myself every time that 'it's fine, just look how many Boots card points you have' *face palm*. 

I thought I would show you all a few drug store purchases I have made whether they were intentional or not.

Wonderbronze - Soap & Glory // £11

I picked this up as I was looking for a shimmer summer look as described on the packaging. It is quite a good product, I'm not 100% sure I would re-purchase but I think it's definitely something I need to experiment to perfect the technique. I will keep posted and possibly do a review soon.

Eyes Uncovered - Collection // £3.99

I saw this on promotion for £2.99 and I am a sucker for a nude pallet. I usually stick to my trusty MUA pallets as they're cheap and amazing. I was so shocked how great this is! It has just the right amount of shimmer and perfect shades and for the price is such a bargain. I would definitely recommend this to everyone to at least try once! 

Quick Dry - Barry M // £3.99

Any nail polish that is quick dry and I will purchase. Being a Mum, I can't afford to wait endless amounts of time for my nails to try so this is like heaven sent from above. I am so excited to give this product a go for spring and hopefully buy some more shades.

Color Tattoo 24HR (Creamy Beige 98) - Maybelline // £4.99

I'm sure this product needs no introduction. One of my favourite products on the high street and there are some amazing colours to try. For a cream eye shadow, completely recommend for the price. This colour is gorgeous too, so if you see a Maybelline stall definitely have a look out for it!

I just had to pick up this new L'Oreal product. I've seen so many people discussing this primer and I had to try it, especially as I needed some primer anyway. So far, it seems quite good and definitely helps my make up stay in place for quite a long time. I shall keep you updated. These 2 products I have also purchased from Natural Collection are sort of mini tests for me. I tend to buy Natural Collection products to play around with different looks being buying a less affordable version.

Russian Roulette - MAC Cosmetics

I know this isn't 'drug store', but I thought I would include it any. I've always wanted the perfect red and after seeing so many people rave about this I wanted to give it a go. I'm planning on wearing it on a girls cocktail night so I shall see how it looks!

I think that's everything?

What drug store products have you been picking up lately?
What's your favourite product?
Let me know in the comments below!

Love S x


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