Thursday, 12 March 2015

Keep Calm & Take Control

There is nothing worse than being completely overwhelmed by life and feeling as if you have so many things to do and not sure where to start. I have you could say very short amounts of time to adjust to circumstances in my life and I thought I would share in today's post a way some tips in taking control of your life and staying calm.

1. Plan. Plan & plan some more!

The way to lose control is to not stay organised. Most people will tell you that I like plans and I like to be organised. I tend to be going over schedules and things I need to do in my mind at night which probably keeps me awake... 

A way to make sure you stay organised and to get rid of those nagging little chores you have to do is to write a to-do list and get ticking! I purchased this adorable note book to keep all my different schedules, things to do and chores I have to do and it's the best feeling ticking them off. You can pick so many up these days in stores like Paperchase or even Home Sense at tiny prices. 

2. Spring Clean & Clutter

There is nothing more relaxing than the feeling after knowing your space is clean and with spring basically here, there is no excuse. Cleaning &clearing out the old parts of your life and detoxing.

Go out and buy a new duvet, some spring scented candles, switch your wardrobe from A/W to S/W or simply just get rid of that washing pile on your floor. By not only cleaning and detoxing your space, make sure you pamper yourself too by having a hot bath or shower and even a face mask.

3. Money

Now, I know this isn't a subject people like to talk about but it is one of the first ways you lose control is not having control of your finances. After living as student, I've learnt my ways of not budgeting and how much better it is to budget.

To take control of your finances, make a list on your calender of all your direct debits, know what is coming in and going out, ask yourself the question, 'do I need this?'. I have given myself the rule of if I think about a particular item for at least 2 weeks then I believe I can buy it. You can really quickly spiral out of control with finances and it is honestly so nice to be able to save money and feel in control. You could even just open a savings account and have a direct debit of £5 a week. This website is really helpful and gives lot of financial advice.

4. Find YOUR escape.

Having your escape or somewhere to be able to just block the world out is so important. Many people find that in travelling but on a day to do basis there is many different things you can do.

Blogging is one of my many escapes including, reading and watching films. The cinema is one of my most favourite places in the world as you never get your phone out and there is no distractions other than the film in front of you. I know others even find their escapes in games such as Sims.

 Just turn your phone on to airplane mode and get stuck in a film or book you've been meaning too and just forget about everything. Once you've escaped for a little while, you will feel more energy to face the world head on.

What do you do when you feel stressed?
Where's your escape?
Let me know in the comments below.

Love S x


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