Sunday, 24 January 2016

Baby bargain haul

As you probably know, Ben and I are expecting our second baby, Baby J, in less than 2 weeks. We are a couple that are quite relaxed about preparing for baby because we only had 2 weeks to buy everything for Nathaniel, I mean literally everything. I've held back in the buying department hoping that the January sales would hold a bargain or so, much to my disappointment, I've still found some bargains on the way.

What a bargain for a set of Avent Bottles! We love Avent bottles as you can actually have caps for this branded bottles where as a lot of others they are near and hard to find. We've always made our bottles up for a 24 hour period, with a cap and stored in the fridge. The only reason I do not advise this to other parents unless you already do so is because I am not a professional and it probably is always best to follow medical opinions. However, Nathaniel has had these bottles and they've been brilliant, so for over half price from Mothercare, I was very impressed. 

I wasn't a huge lover in Dummies before we had Nathaniel. I never had one as a baby, but, they gave us a few hours of sleep that was precious at the time. I managed to pick these ones up from Home Bargains for £2.20! They're usually double in other stores.

This SMA starter pack was a must have when we came home from the hospital with Nathaniel. It allowed us some time before needing to make bottles from the minute we entered the room. The hospital also provided us with these in hospital so we knew he would take to them straight away.

From using different types of bibs, these always worked the best for us. For a pack of 2 at the moment was £2.99 in Home Bargains. So much cheaper than other stores! Definitely check out their baby bargains if you have a store near you.

We have used and test nearly every store and branded nappies we can think of. As Nathaniel grew older, Pampers just weren't doing the job and for the price, we decided to stop buying them. From experience, Lidl, Aldi and Tesco have the best nappies and they're super soft and absorbent. These pack of nappies were under £3 and we know they'll get used but so affordable. 

With Baby J, I've had huge problems finding the right Snowsuit for him. It's so cold around this time of year that it was a must have. The only other one I had seen was from M&S but was completely sold out. I found this one in Asda for £10! I was blown away as it's so soft and fluffy inside and washes so well. My initial budget was £40 too, so I was super happy.

These are just a few bargains that we've found along the way. I am rather excited because it seems a lot of stores have started their baby and toddler events which means bargain galore and a definite way to stock up and save some money.

Have you seen any baby bargains lately?
What are your favourite brand of nappies?
Let me know in the comments below.

Love S x


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