Thursday, 21 January 2016

Home snippets

Recently, we have moved to our own home for the arrival of Baby J. After having our life in storage for quite a while, we finally are managing to put touches on the house of stuff we thought we had lost or forgotten we had. By no means is the house finished in the way we want it yet, there's still a lot of little things I want to buy and to reorganise, but it's not a huge priority to us just yet. Today's post is on a little snippet of 'me' and my things.

  As much as our children have a lot of the house full of the things they need and their toys, I still think it's important we have our own areas and 'adult' parts of the house. We've had a lot of our own things in storage for a long time so now we can finally have things on show. The above photo is just my IKEA Alex drawers which is being used as a temporary bedside table. We haven't got a TV in our room which we both agreed we really didn't want. It's been a lot easier for us to wind down at night by reading some books and not having the temptation of throwing the telly on. As you can tell, I've got some reading to catch up on. I also have some IKEA pots full of night time essentials like hand cream, hair bands, headphones and pens etc.

My make up dresser is actually downstairs at the moment being used as an office desk so I've made the most of out our drawers to be used as a sort of dresser? It mainly has my lipstick holder, make-up brushes, perfumes and a bit of jewellery. I must admit, with a tall toddler who has a taste for Mumma's lipsticks and perfume, it has been a little problematic but, it feels nice for our things now to  have a place rather than just in boxes.

Hopefully when we are more settled, I can do a room tour of our bedroom. Nathaniel's room is near enough fully done as he's now in his big boy bed for the arrival of his little brother which is under 2 weeks away - so crazy

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Love S x 


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