Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Hospital Bag Checklist

I've put together a checklist of the items for you new Mumma's to be, to bring to the hospital when you go in to the hospital to have your little bundle of joy.  I have also made a downloadable checklist just incase you want to print and check off the items.


  •     Dressing Gown / Night Shirt for labour x2
  •     Slip on slippers
  •     Old underwear / cheap loose underwear 
  •     Cosy socks
  •     Maternity/ Nursing Bra(s) (if breast feeding)
  •     Sports bra(s)
  •     Extra comfortable clothing
  •     ‘Going-home’ Outfit 
  •     Your own pillow
  •     PJ’s
  •    (Possibly a cheap pair of flip flops for the shower)

  •     Toothbrush & toothpaste
  •     Deodorant 
  •     Dry shampoo
  •     Post care (Maternity pads, nipple cream, nursing pads)
  •     Hair brush / Shampoo / Conditioner / hair bands
  •     Face wash or wipes / moisturiser 
  •     Lip balm
  •     Flannel
  •     Hand gel / hand cream 


  •     2-3 Sleeping rompers (NB - 0-3m) 
  •     2-3 Vests (NB - 0-3m)
  •     2 Hats / Scratch Mittens / Socks Booties
  •     Bibs/ Dribble Bibs/ Muslin Cloths
  •     Snowsuit for winter
  •     Going home outfit
  •     Pack of nappies
  •     Blankets
  •     Baby cream
  •     Cotton Wool / Wipes
  •     Swaddle Blanket
  •     Comforter 
  •     Car Seat (install sun shade if summer)

  •     Hot water bottle
  •     Change for vending machines/ parking
  •     Tablet/ Laptops/ iPads / headphones
  •     Charges (phone, tablet, camera)
  •     Snacks & possibly drink
  •     Birthing Partner overnight bag

I hope this helps! I know I read tones of different checklists when I was packing for hospital, this should really make me get a move on with packing ours too!

What were your essential must haves?
Let me know in the comments below.

Love S x


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