Monday, 25 January 2016

Nursery / toddler bedroom prints

Recently, we moved house which mean Nathaniel could have his own room again. I was super excited for him because he could have undisturbed sleep, a place for his things. My problem was, it just felt very bare. I didn't want to stick too much on the walls as we are only renting, (boo) and I don't want to annoy our Landlord. I decided to go in the end for some framed prints!


I started browsing around different sites and one of the best places I have found to get lovely prints is ETSY. They have absolutely tones of handmade prints at really affordable prices. I found an ETSY store called ZoomBooneCreations who have loads of amazing downloadable prints. I purchased 2 prints and managed to get 1 free. When you buy these prints, you get sent a downloadable code which you can either print yourself or get printed on to canvas etc. I decided to go with PhotoBox and these prints were sent to me so quickly. It was only between £5-8 for all three prints. In the sales, I also saw this adorable vintage frames from ASDA reduced to £3 each. 

The quality of each print is amazing and the frames are great too. It's made Nathaniel's bedroom become more personalised and I am really glad with the quality and end result.

Nothing better than some cosy fairy lights! Hopefully I shall do a little toddler room tour of Nathaniel's bedroom once we've added a few more touches.

What are you favourite prints?
Let me know in the comments below.

Love S x

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