Friday, 29 January 2016

Our Day to Day Routine

This week has all been about our day time routine. We have needed to change what we were doing because it was leading to tantrums because of being over tired, too many lay ins and the days were just becoming nothing. We weren't making the most of them. I thought I would write about what we've changed about it.

When you're a parent, the way to feel like you have your life together (at least a little bit), is by having a good routine. Everyone knows where they stand and hopefully that means you and your family can be more productive. In the last two years, we have gone in and out of routines which isn't the best, but with Baby J on the way, solid routine is what we need. I can understand, not every day will be the same, but the basic lay out of the day and times you eat etc is important to get as close to the same as you can. This is just what we do on an average working day.

Firstly, the morning wake up. 

I wake up either at 5:30 (if Ben has work), and if not 6:30/7. This allows me to have a coffee, shower, get myself together so I don't have to spend time doing that when Nathaniel's awake.

We have gone from waking up between 9-10:30 in the morning to Nathaniel waking up between 7/8AM.

- This all depends if he wakes up himself or with a little promoting of his curtains being opened.  The first day is the hardest day, (especially if you've had a late night before), but it is VERY worthwhile in the long run of the day. 

We aim to be eating breakfast no later than just gone 8AM.
When we wake up, I will either get him dressed straight away if the weather looks good, or sometimes we will have breakfast in PJ's and have a messier breakfast if it's pouring with rain.

I aim for us both to have eaten breakfast by 8:30.
I will have also cleared up the kitchen/breakfast rush and likely have put a load of washing on. I like to have cleaned up mostly the night before when Nathaniel's asleep so it's less to do in the morning.

From 8:30, it's play time. We will play one to one and do a lot of things like puzzles, cars, making railway tracks, sticking, anything really which we can both interact. 

At about 9/9:30 depending on weather conditions and if Nathaniel looks like his is gagging to go out for little bit, we generally go for a walk and to watch cars etc. We've always gone out a lot since he was a baby so I think it's probably just natural.

From around then, we tend to come home, have a sit down and do quiet activities.

11:45 is lunch time!

By 12:15, we've eaten lunch and I tend to take Nathaniel up to his bedroom, read him a book and put him down for a nap. (Yes, I occasionally fall asleep too with him, no judgement).
2:30 & I will wake him up and let him have a little snack. It does take him about 30 minutes to come around and wake up properly.


After 2:30, it can depend on what we do depending on what we need to get done like food shopping etc so that varies day to day. 
I bring the routine back in to place around dinner time. 


I like to have dinner made for about 6 which as a family really works for us as 5 is usually too early. After dinner, Nathaniel will sort of watch In The Night Garden and play with his toys.

7:30 I will go upstairs and run him a nice warm bath. This can vary on how long it goes on for.

Around 8PM, we like to have Nathaniel in his room, getting him dressed with a little night time calm down before we say goodnight. We will choose our night time books, usually have a bottle and then any time from then I will lay with him until he falls asleep.

Now, I know a lot of people disagree with being with your child until they fall asleep, but I love cuddling him to sleep and not having a battle. He occasionally wakes up through the night for a few minutes but will fall asleep ever so quickly. I want to make him feel secure. I know some children can easily fall asleep on their own, but I also have to consider he's shared a room with Ben and I for over half his life and will need to adjust, so if that what comforts him, I will do that for him.

I have just found over the last 2 years that routine really keeps things together when you feel a bit lost and sidetracked. Not every day you will be able keep up with everything, but on an average day, it's nice to keep with timings just so you know where you stand. I made a lot of mistakes with nap times, how long the naps are, does he still needs naps? But, a solid nap seems to set him off to sleep a lot easier at night time than him being over tired and having a tantrum.

I'll be honest and say; this routine doesn't always go to plan each day as you never know what is coming with children. Everyones lives are so hectic with work commitments and juggling family, it is hard to get that solid routine and I can really appreciate that. This is just what has helped us and I hope it can help someone out there too.

What are your day time routines?
Does it vary for you?
Let me know in the comments below.
Love S x


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