Monday, 18 January 2016

Rainy Day ideas with a toddler

We've all been there with our toddlers; they're excited and very awake, it's raining outside and limited new adventures to have indoors? Well hopefully this post will help with the rain seasons coming in the next few weeks and months!

  • If it is only a little shower of rain, put you and your toddlers wellies on, go jump in those puddles, set up some nice warm pjs for you both when you get home and a nice hot drink to cuddle up with. 
  • Cut up some old magazines or newspaper photos and put them in a bag. Get a piece of paper of some sort and some glue and have a creative sticking session of collage making.
  • Rotate some old toys around. Nathaniel has a lot of toys, so I like to put some away and rotate them around to keep him interested!
  • Ran out of books to read on the rainy days and nights? Get a local library card and some new books for your toddler. They will love the experience of the library and some new books to take home and read with you.
  • Make a den - the classic rainy day idea. 
  • Have a toddler pamper. I know not all toddlers love the bath, having their hair washed etc, but if they do, it can really use some time up and be quite enjoyable with a load of bubbles and can help relax their excitement. 
  • If possible, re-arrange their bedroom. Nathaniel loves to help me move things around and go through things. It can be all quite exciting.
  • Have a spring tidy. 
  • Bake, bake and bake some more! There are so many different easy baking ideas on the internet and Pinterest that any one should find it a doddle, especially when the little ones want to join in.
  • Dress up and have a photoshoot in your front room. Make it all really fun and use ridiculous props you just have laying around the house and make some fun memories on the miserable days.
  • Card games - our house love a game of snap!
  • Have an indoor treasure hunt.
  • Take the plunge and go swimming.

I hope this helps some of you stuck for ideas when the weather is a rainy, miserable day, these are just things that we love to do.

What are you favourite things to do in the rain.
Let me know in the comments below.

Love S x

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