Saturday, 23 January 2016

Valentine Date Night Ideas (OUT vs IN)

As the end of January appears, the next 'big' day is Valentines Day. I don't hugely celebrate Valentines Day but I see no problem with people making time and effort for loved ones, whether that is partners, family and friends. I thought I would do a bit of a wish list or ideas on 2 different types of dates.


As you can see, Date Night #1 is based upon a possible night out or evening dinner with your partners or friends. I am in love with the heels and Olivia Burton watch. I already have one but this particular one is so elegant. I think any of these products would look great for a Valentines celebration
Date Night #2 I based upon the fact that not everyone wants to go out or has time to. Being a Mum, it's rare me and Ben try to go out so the ideal night is early night for Nathaniel so we can relax. I love to spend time having a bit of a pamper and a bath, fresh pjs and knowing we can settle down and watch a film to relax. I'm so in love with the Victoria Secret PJ's, I have an eye on them for Mother's day. Also, the Calvin Klein underwear set as much as it is really popular, it is just so GOD DAMN COMFY. It's hard not to want it.

These are just 2 basic ways to spend Valentines Day and feeling good about yourself. As much as it is really nice to spend it with a loved one, a bit of time to yourself and some TLC can really do anyone a bunch of good!

All the products are linked below!
Whats your favourite items?
Let me know in the comments below.

Love S x

Topshop black jacket
£74 -

River Island black purse
£31 -

Olivia Burton silver jewelry

ASOS key chain ring
£9.81 -

Mac cosmetic
£12 -

Gucci fragrance
£54 -


Victoria s Secret petite pajamas
£38 -

Missguided sleep shirt
£18 -

Hue red socks
£4.91 -

Lip treatment
£23 -

Body cleanser
£4.73 -

Lala Bash pink bedding
£21 -

Pier 1 Imports kitchen dining
£7.00 -


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