Friday, 15 January 2016

Ways to help snuffly noses

Nathaniel last night went to bed with that sign of 'Mumma, I feel the snuffle nose monster coming'. It's that time of year where I can imagine parents lose a lot of hours sleep and have upset little ones all because of snuffly noses. I thought I would do today's post on ways I use to help Nathaniel's snuffly noses to disappear.

Disclaimer: I am no medical expert so I would check with your doctors before trying any medical product. It is all my own opinion and experience with my little one, so really make sure before using the products etc.

TIP ONE: Stock up on vapour rub, especially Snuffle Babe, it works wonders and it's not too strong so it's overwhelming. I usually rub this all over Nathaniel's chest, a tiny bit on his chin and either the top or vest that he's wearing. I gently apply it throughout the day when I start to lose the smell of it. 

TIP TWO: I've heard from quite a few Mum's but am yet to try it due to Nathaniel will not wear any sort of sock to sleep, but rubbing a vapour rub on the bottom of their feet/socks whilst they're asleep is meant to be a miracle worker and helps them get a less disturbed sleep. The more upright they sleep, the better too. Nathaniel has a V Shaped pillow which is super easy for us to prop up.

TIP THREE: I have recently discovered this brilliant product sold in ASDA by Little Angels. It's a bath soak which has a subtle vapour rub smell which helps clear the little ones noses whilst in the bath and likely the steam too. It's very gentle on their skin and makes bubbles too. For a £1, I highly recommend trying it. You could even get washing up bowel and put it in with some hot water and put it completely out of reach in your baby/toddler room so it creates that smell throughout the night.


TIP FOUR: I haven't used this in a while in our home due to being pregnant, but Calpol do an amazing vapour plug in. It honestly really works when we've used it, I do personally think it's quite strong so you wouldn't want to use it in a small space as I think it can give you a headache. The more ventilated space the better. 

TIP FIVE: I'm sure we've all been through it, runny nose, piles of tissues and a red nose? I try to avoid tissues and baby wipes for his nose and use face cloths. You can pick them up very cheaply and have them on standby. I just find them more gentle on his skin. If his skin does start to get a little dry around his nose, E45 is amazing to help out! Especially in the colder weather.

TIP SIX: Some people may think I overreact when I go out with Nathaniel because I wipe his hands often and in cafes I do try to wipe down the area we're sat in and generally keep Anti-Bacteria wipes on us. These are friendly to Nathaniel and not too overpowering and so affordable. I just like to limit the possibilities of him picking up little colds. A pack of these wipes is 4 packets for 79p from Home Bargains. 

TIP SEVEN: I learnt this more from Ben to be honest as he is the keen cook in our household, but if one of us isn't feeling on top of the world, garlic is our answer. We tend to put it in most of our dinner or try to go for foods which can put garlic in. It's been known to help fight off colds naturally and help your immune system. 

These are just little things I have found that help us get through the colder months and the often case of the snuffly noses. They are the most frustrating things to have.

How do you like to get rid of those snuffly noses?
Let me know in the comments below.

Love S x


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