Monday, 8 February 2016

Capturing Moments

When we first had Nathaniel, people used to say to us that time will go so fast and the days will rush past you and before you know it, they're all grown up. Now that, was a fact. I've wanted to start capturing just more of our days or little adventures out. I am no way a great photographer, I just want to make sure we don't miss any great memories a long the way.
Now, this day was so fresh and really felt like winter. We just wanted to go for a long family walk, (not that with you, Nathaniel we don't walk, more like run everywhere). We came across an empty skate park and well, if you know any toddlers running up and down ramps is a lot of fun. By the time we were walking back to the car, Nathaniel was scrapping his feet because he was super tired.

(I swear as toddlers get older, it's even harder to get a photo of them!) 

Being around skate parks for Ben and I are really nostalgic of our teenager years and given the temptation I think we would buy Nathaniel his own skateboard already!

As much as soft play is our one of our favourite things to do, it seems like the skate park was a winner that day!

Love S x


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