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Double Pram / Bugaboo Donkey Pushchair Duo Review

When we found out we were expecting James, one of my first thoughts was "twin prams" and oh my, they are complicated and never mind expensive if it doesn't suit your children and day to day activities. A lot of people said to me 'why do you need a pram, Nathaniel can walk.' Yes, yes he can walk, he can also run very fast down the road whilst I am looking after a young baby. It's more practical and enables us to be free and go out for walks. Nathaniel, for his age can walk for about an hour and a half before he tires, but he still needs a pram. I wanted to do a review on our double pram and possibly give some advise as I found it harder than buying a car - yes that complicated.

The first thing that I checked was websites such as Netmums, reviews on pram sites such as Mothercare & John Lewis and just was trying to find out what was on the market. We needed a pram that was durable enough to be used practically every day and was the right size for a 2 year toddler, however Nathaniel is definitely bigger than the average 2 year old and is more the size of a 4 year old. We also had to make sure we had room in the house, the car and we had to think about how practical it would be in shops through the aisles.

The key things we were looking for in a pushchair were:

  • Car seat attachment  - Nathaniel's first pram allowed us to be able to attach his car seat to the pushchair rather than a carry cot. It was so much easier when he fell asleep or were going from place to place.
  • Side by side pram - this style I found the best out of the double/twin prams but it's purely preference. Nathaniel tried a iCandy where he was on top and James would have been on the bottom and he screamed the store down.
  • Chunky wheels - we go out a lot, so we need good, strong wheels that aren't going to be worn through within a few months.
  • Accesibility - fits in our car boot, in the house and through aisles.
  • Meets a baby and toddlers needs.

 After researching far and wide, we found many brands I've never even heard of which seemed to have a great pram. However, the thought of not being able to test the pram did not sit easy with me. I needed to know Nathaniel would be comfortable otherwise there really would be not point. James will grow in to it, but Nathaniel is very tall for his age and had to make sure he had room. I found many prams only went up to the age of 4, or the balance of having a new born to a toddler made it hard to steer.

In the end, it came down to 2 double prams: Bugaboo Donkey Pushchair Duo and Mountain Buggy Duet. The only way to make a decision was to test both so a trip to John Lewis it was. As far as a pram goes, the Mountain Buggy Duet is amazing and is a lovely twin/double pram. However, Nathaniel was basically already too big. It said it goes up to the age of 4, but I would recommend trying before buying every time. The internet isn't always clear! This left us with the Bugaboo Donkey Pushchair Duo.

When we tried the pushchair in store and Nathaniel sat so nicely!

My favourite parts of this pram are:

  • It is so easy to push and you cannot tell the weight difference.
  • It fits through most aisles.
  • I can confirm it can fit on buses, train doors and nearly every store I have been in, I have had little issue. 
  • Assembling is very quick! The first time I must admit is difficult, but after a few attempts and getting used to knowing what function does what, I would say it is easy and quick! 
  • Fits very well in our car boot, (Ford Focus).
  • Customisation of the fabric and the function of the pushchair to suit you and your needs.

The only negative part of pram is that it doesn't sell everything all in one as a double or twin pram and you have to buy parts of it separately to whatever your needs are. Most double prams are like this, but it really is complicated to know where to start. I would recommend speaking to a store advisor when purchasing so you don't miss anything out like rain covers, adaptors and fabrics.

Overall, I am very impressed with Bugaboo as a whole. I know they're very popular, but I can really understand why. They have really thought about the design and to fit so many peoples different circumstances. I would highly recommend this to be one of the best twin prams on the market. The car seat James is using is the Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus which is also amazing!

Have any of you tried this pram before?
What are your thoughts on twin prams?
Let me know in the comments below.

Love S x 


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