Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Lost your style?

I'm sure I'm not the only person out there who at one point or another lost their style and found themselves in a complete rut of plain t-shirts, jeans or leggings and anything with a little bit of the colour feels like every single person can see and notice you? 

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After having Nathaniel and James, I have in some ways lost my way with fashion and my 'style'. For one, of course my figure is slightly different after having two children and I cannot wear skirts and dresses as regularly with a toddler making me bend over at every possible moment in time. I've also go to that point where my black skinny jeans are basically grey and have holes in, not one but multiple. Basically, I need a heck of new clothes and need to find myself and my style back. Literally, fashion used to be everything to me and that's what all my money got spent on. I am currently transitioning my wardrobe in to a capsule wardrobe and ditching practically everything, (I will do a blog post on this in the near future). 

I was sat reading through my e-mail yesterday and I saw my daily Topshop e-mail in my inbox (I actually just wrote Toyshop, who am I?!). I saw something different to usual and that was that Topshop now offer a service called 'My Topshop Wardrobe'. I am not familiar with how new this service is but, you're able to take a quiz and it'll give you style recommendations - don't worry, this isn't like the quizzes in magazines that are really basic.

It's a quiz that actually bases it on your size, trends, likes, your body shape, style icons and much more. 

My style outcome was 'the chic girl'. This is actually the style I am aiming for and wanting to be like as this style has more investment pieces and can be quite effortless. 

The part that I love most is not only does it give you an idea of what sort of style you are, it gives you recommendations from the Topshop website what would suit you, your style and your size. This is a life saver for me as I unfortunately do not have much time to browse through websites shopping. This allows me to have what I like in front of me and to be honest I genuinely love most of the recommendations and is helping me focus more on outfits rather than just a piece here and there.

I couldn't recommend this more if you are trouble with finding what style you are or you just want to focus more on your wardrobe. It's so easy to get taken in by models on websites and how things are advertised, but this service tailors fashion to you. 

Have you used this service before? 
Click HERE to take the quiz!
Let me know what your style is.

Love S x


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