Sunday, 27 March 2016

Simple Easter Fun

Do you ever have that awkward time in the day where you feel lost what to do, it's raining or cold outside, it's not quite dinner time and everything is practically done? Well, in our household we seem to have had a lot of this. Nathaniel and I have turned our attention to at least once a week, having some one to one time doing some baking - not always successful may I add, but it's fun and we get to spend some time together!

As it is Easter, we decided to make a very simple version of corn flake cakes.

We literally just buy some value corn flakes, milk and white chocolate. You can buy more expensive brands, but it's just for a bit fun and we find them just as tasty.

 Simply break up some chocolate up and microwave in a microwaveable bowel for about 2 minutes, but check every 30 seconds and stir. 

 After the chocolate is melted, add the cornflakes and mix them all together. Once the cornflakes are mostly covered, scoop up in to cupcake cases. Keep them in the fridge until they become hard and there you have cornflake cakes!

As you can see, it's definitely a fun little activity to pass the time and you get some delicious simple cakes too - win win!
I hope everyone has had a lovely easter.

Love S x

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