Sunday, 13 March 2016

Welcome Baby J

This has been a post that I have been meaning to write for three weeks. I will give myself a little bit of a break on the guilt trip on the basis of having two little fellas to look after leaves one tired Mumma! Did you just read two little fellas? YES, at last!

We welcome to our little family Baby James! I wanted to write about his birth story and just a little update where I've been basically.
Believe it or not, James was actually due on the 3rd of February, but it seems to be traditional in our family to turn be late. I wasn't too worried as I believe most of the time, babies will tend to come on their own. The only thing that terrified me of James coming too late was the thought of going through the process of induction again. It meant possibly being away from Nathaniel for a longer amount of time, not being able to help as much as I could and it would possibly make birth a lot harder.


Any way, I had a midwife appointment booked in for the 11th of February to be swept as I was told by many people, this could help labour start and it was less invasive. We had already booked in the induction date for the 14th of February, so to me, anything that helped I was all for. It was not painful in the slightest, maybe a little uncomfortable, but not painful. It was quite successful as after the appointment I was 3/4cm dilated. I had twinges throughout the week and similar feelings to contractions and patterns of contractions so I was definitely getting ready.

I had the sweep at 3PM and by 5PM I could start to feel more twinges that progressively got stronger and stronger. I had a hot water bottle which really helped but I just kept myself busy. They didn't feel strong enough to go to hospital and they weren't in a pattern as such. I couldn't get to sleep on Thursday night with the pains so I rested and Nathaniel, Ben and I all went for a long walk on Friday. Now, I'm pretty sure this is what really helped and they really started to come along. I still could manage the pain but I knew something was going to happen sure enough. I kept going until around midnight on Friday in to Saturday and Ben finally persuaded me to call the hospital and they asked me to come in to assess me. It was seriously busy at the maternity ward because if I wasn't counted as high risk, I would have been sent elsewhere.


We dropped Nathaniel off and went straight to the hospital. The pain again was uncomfortable but I was okay for the most part. The car journey was the worst part as standing was so much more comfortable than sitting. After arriving at the hospital, a midwife assessed me and I was 6cm. I was kept in hospital as it was looking likely James was very ready to come. The midwives were all quite shocked I was that far gone as I was able to hide the pain of contractions quite easily. I cannot stand letting people see me in pain so I was trying to hide it all. By 5AM, he still hadn't arrived and it was time to be examined. I hadn't progressed much, only about 1cm. I also forgot to mention, my waters hadn't broken. The midwife asked if I wanted to carry on or she could break my waters. I decided it was best to break my waters and see what happened afterwards. It isn't painful at all and is actually probably a lot more common than a lot of people expect, ( I blame movies for putting that expectation in my mind). Once my waters had broken, you could see meconium which started to make me worry straight away. The pain of the contractions also went from about a 5/6 to a 8/9 very quickly. I had no pain relief by this point so I used gas and air to help me breath through it. 5 minutes after my waters were broken, I felt the need to push. Another 5 minutes later and Baby James was born.


Baby James was born in the morning of the 13th of February weighing 7.10lbs.
It was such a relief to finally meet him and he felt so tiny in comparison to Nathaniel.

I felt completely fine after labour and wanted to just shower, get dressed and to be honest, take him home! However, there was a problem. Due to finding meconium (baby poo in waters), we had to be observed for 12 hours. James's respiration was quite high too. After nearly 12 hours, he started to calm down but they wanted just to watch us for another 12 hours just incase. In the early morning, a doctor decided 48 hours of antibiotics would be the best decision just incase he had caught an infection. After the 48 hours, it was then decided to do a full five day course of antibiotics just to make sure all infection was prevented as babies are can be up and down so quickly, especially when so young. It was a hard 5 days for our family as we all wanted to be with each other. I couldn't really see or explain to Nathaniel what was going on, it felt like I hadn't seen the outside world in days, Ben was trying to split himself in to three places and James was being a little fighter.

By Thursday afternoon, it was James's last dosage of antibiotics. I was so excited to get home and be a family together. I am so grateful that the doctors did advise for us to stay in hospital as it was really the best place to be and he made a full recovery, didn't lose any weight in hospital and was definitely well enough to go home. 

Considering how many changes Nathaniel has been through, he's been amazing. Ben has been lucky enough to be able to have a month at home and help the huge adjustment.  Today was his last day off; I won't lie and say it's been easy, or that I'm not anxious about being home alone with them both, but I feel so up to the challenge and getting life back on track. We definitely had made some family goals that I will post about at a later date.

I just wanted to welcome Baby James and let you know where we've been for the last few weeks. I cannot believe a month has already flown.

Love S x


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